Why Now? “Everything Looks Like a Nail”

Most of my daily “hits” are from Internet searches that match some previously written post. Historically the most common are the Dilbert ones (as expected), the Adult Sippy Cup and Kunte Kinte.

After never more than 4 hits on any given day, sometime in the past week over 100 people have searched for “Everything Looks Like a Nail“. I checked the popular articles thinking one of the presidential candidates or some actor used this quote recently but I came up with nothing.

  If anyone knows why this Mark Twain quote has become popular recently, please enlighten me.

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One Response to Why Now? “Everything Looks Like a Nail”

  1. Frank says:

    I’m not sure why, but this is how it works with blogging. You’ve created a writing inventory, a really good one, and that material gets searched. Do you use links: to search your posts? You can also put in the article URL in Technorati. It’s fun.

    Hey, about traffic….most traffic these days is with RSS readers, which doesn’t show up in your normal stats. Also, look at Woopra and sign up for a beta test. They give great stats and tell you how of your friends return.

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