How You Know You Are Having A Bad Day

Clue Number One.

Going through security at the airport to start a long trek home.  The 20 something TSA agent looks at my drivers license, then at me, back to my DL and ba ck at me. “You look much happier in the picture.”

I look worse at this minute than my DRIVERS LICENSE PICTURE. Wow.

No additional clues needed.

This wasn’t even the day I sat on a plane for 4 hours with several crying babies. The day started well enough, though damn early (4:45 my local time). Breakfast schmoozing with client, check. Good first meeting of the day. Check. Get ass kicked by a high-powered, all-knowing executive type in a meeting that I was not originally supposed to be at. Check.

Ok, that is when I started losing that keen DL smile. On to a 3 hour call that generally went well until someone tells me that something I know to be false to be true. He is in a power position. Telling him that he is wrong would not have helped. Ass kicking #2. Check.

Head for airport security…you know the rest.