If Something Does Not Look The Way It Should, Look Again

What a snappy, meaningful and insightful saying. Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? Was it Shakespeare? Twain? Churchill?

Oh what that was me a few posts ago.

The saying means that you should trust what you believe, trust your gut, even when the the current picture is telling another story.

Why mention it again? Because I am on fire. Twice in the last week something I knew to be true was proven out even though it took six months for things to look the way they should.

Months ago two sets of headphones went missing. First my E2 noise reducers. As of last November. Gone. I searched everywhere. I had taken them to the gym but remembered seeing them in the house afterward. I tore the room apart. Probably a dozen times over the course of a few days. Had I taken them on a plane? Maybe left them there? Of course not, I am always very careful to make sure they get back into my case. I ripped up the case. Over and over. Checked every pocket of every coat, sport coat, shirt, undershirt and pair of pants that I may have worn. Nowhere. But they had to be somewhere because while there were moments of doubt, in my heart I knew that I had not been careless with these. Things did not look as they should.

Fast forward to last Sunday. I went looking for a waterproof coat for my son to wear. Since he now is practically my size I went for my Gore Tex jacket which I had not worn in ages. As slid it off the hanger, I felt something in a pocket.  Something round. Like a case for headphones. For the life of me I cannot connect how they got to that jacket. However, now the picture looks as it should.

About the same time as I lost my E2s, my son had gotten a new iPod. He did not realize that they came with a set of earbuds hidden in the box.  Shortly after the same time I left a pair of earbuds on a plane. I specifically did not run back to the plane because I thought we would miss our connection and there was an extra pair at home. But the box from the new iPod was nowwhere to be found. Over the next several months my son got tired of me asking if he remembered what he did with the box.

Then on Tuesday I went to find something in a closet that I have looked in a thousand times. This time the box with the phones was right in front of me. Once again, things look as they should. I knew the box existed, just not where.

As Twain once said…or was it Shakespeare?

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4 Responses to If Something Does Not Look The Way It Should, Look Again

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Way, Way off topic…but I thought you needed to see this…Karen Allen would love for you to see it. 😉


  2. 48facets says:

    Pax I am honored to be featured so prominently in such an august literary medium. KA was/is quite the cutie.

  3. Jason says:

    great thoughts

  4. Frank says:

    Man, it gives me a chill. It’s like lost socks. They have to be somewhere.

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