A Mother’s Day Tale

Once upon a time a husband and his son planned the perfect Mother’s Day celebration for the wonderful woman in their lives. They started months ahead of time. And why not, after all you know a year in advance when it will fall. They organized activities bought many cards and presents and even hand made some special items– out of love. And why. Because she does so much for them and really, really deserves it. The sun was shining on a warm spring day and all was good in the world.

My wife is still waiting to live that fantasy. Maybe next year honey.

 I did manage to get a couple of cards. D bought some cards, made one and bought a nice present–the night before. After her annual walk for a breast cancer cure–in the pouring rain, and cold wind of Chicago 2008– we opened cards and the present. Then on to the Cubs game. It was cold and windy but at least the rain stopped. Most importantly they won!

Yes this game had everything. They were ahead for awhile. Then they fell behind in traditional old Cubs fashion. The relief pitcher walked the first two batters he faced with the bases already loaded. We were down two and it seemed colder than the 40 some degrees temperature. But wait. This is 2008. Game tied in the seventh on a 2 run home run by Reed Johnson, his first of the year. Then in the eigth we went ahead by two when Darryl Ward hit a pinch hit double–he had an average of .176 at the time. Finally Kerry Wood set the Diamondbacks down in order in the ninth. Somehow it seemed warmer all of the sudden.

For comic relief we had a fan jump onto the field only to be gang tackled and taken away in handcuffs. Then later on with the Cubs in the field someone decided to remake Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds“. No Tippi Hedren but two dozen sea gulls came swooping around center field. Over a dozen of them landed and just sat on the field while the others made menacing circles in the sky. It was quite the sight.


I dropped the family off at home, did the grocery shopping and picked up dinner. While not a fantasy level Mother’s Day I think she enjoyed it.

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One Response to A Mother’s Day Tale

  1. Frank says:

    Well done, man, well done. I love the lead-in…and what a fabulous day to boot!

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