Writer’s Block



You know how when athletes are ‘in the zone” they say everything seems to move more slowly, baseballs seem bigger to the hitters,basketball hoops are largerger for the shooters? The same goes for writers.

When I am in my zone,  I sense all sorts of things around me more clearly, I am making connections between seemingly disparate concepts and events, I process information and draw brilliant conclusions at warp speed. When It comes time to write seemingly clever strings of words jump out of my head faster than I can write them down.

The last month or so I have not been in the zone. I have not even been in the same zip code as my zone. Maybe not even in the same universe. Lots of reasons perhaps, none worth listing. I tend not to post when I am not feeling it.

In my third year of this blog the tendency has been to only write when I believe myself to be readworthy. But i miss it. I started this to do something other than what I do as a profession. Therefore, no more worrying about how professional my writing is at any moment in time. I am just going to write. I read somewhere that that is how Hemingway did it–though he also relied on long alcoholic binges as well which I will only try as a last resort.

So to all you readers, all 11 of you, stay tuned. It may get a little bit funky before I wind up back in the zone.

Bolt Sprints Past Heston

One way to get a lot of hits on your blog is to write about a hot topic in the news. My previous champ was Chuck Heston. I wrote a piece on him a day or two after his death and got 61 hits leading to a best ever total hits of 131. Until this past Sunday. My post on the new world’s fastest man has been viewed 684 times in the first three days. Bolt was 10:1 over Heston.

Fascinating what people will search for. I Googled Usain Bolt 100m and I came up near the top of Google’s list. I figured that there must have been hundreds of blog posts and other references and I was positioned in the top four!

I am not going to seek out hot topics only to make some numbers (unless that would draw paying advertisers of course).  I prefer to keep my principles (YOUR AD HERE) and only write about things that matter to me.

Still, a new one day record of 399 is kind of cool. I am still aiming to build an audience that averages 1000+ per day.

Tell all your friends about 48Facets. I may split the ad revenue with you.

366th Day of 48Facets

It was a year ago today that 48Facets appeared on the blogoshere with the cleverly titled “My First Post”.  I have taken all of the wit and wisdom that I poured into that first title mixed it with life events, readings and observations, and a dash of feelings to brew the magic that has become a daily read for ten(s) of people. Well it is quality of readership not quantity that counts.

Actually, after the first few months of slowly getting the word out as I became more comfortable with the writing, “hits” have climbed every month. It is unclear exactly how many people a day spend a moment or two with me since WordPress only provides the number of people who click on an article. Anyone reading through an RSS feeder is outside this count.

It would be interesting to know how many regular readers there are with regular defined as averaging at least once a week. I get hits everyday for stuff written long before because people doing searches get linked. The posts that get random viewers most often are the ones with Dilbert in the title, Kunte Kinte turns 50, It Tastes Like Chicken (for both the pics of the T Rex and of Super Chicken) and Responsibility. Typically the search words for this last one are “an essay on responsibility”. I have the feeling that a bunch of high school students are searching the Internet to complete a homework assignment. I hope that I have been plagiarized frequently.

Being someone with an ever-present and not small sense of doubt about what I do I have not yet determined if I have found my voice. This is not to say that I am disappointed in what I write, as generally I am pleased. Regular visitors know that I run from quick hit items to moderate ruminations to the lengthy. The range of material is broad. For now that suits what I want to do. Hope it suits you as well.

My one great disappointment is how little I have done with the whole 48Facets thing. I do believe that people have multiple dimensions to their personalities and that discussing them would be great to write about and entertaining to read about.  Expect to find more posts about people and what makes them interesting.

In the meantime I will continue to share biking, fathering, and the occasional work stories as well as any random topic that tickles my fancy. (I have been waiting a year to find an opportunity to say that.) Please keep reading, tell your friends and let me know that you are out there by commenting from time to time.


Can’t Believe That Two Weeks Have Flown By

It has been almost two weeks since I posted anything new. I have a few stories to share but it seems that I am too tired when I get home to think straight. I will be off this week – yes both mentally “off” as well as not going to work. Will try to catch up. The mental exercise helps.

BTW there are 4 police cars on the street in front of my house at 10 am. Have no idea what is going on but no guns are drawn so that is a good thing.

First Post Ever!

While blogging has been around for years, it is new for me. I have been planning to start for a couple of years. Long story.

I am doing this for me as an outlet that may stimulate creative juices, let me blow off some steam or give me voice on the days I feel stifled. While this blog is geared toward these selfish aims, I hope that I connect with some people out there. Personal connections have always been the most important things in my life.

Not sure where this blog will go. For awhile it will take whatever direction it takes. Some posts may be short  and others novellas. No real theme except that of the title. I do believe that virtually all of us and all situations are multifaceted. However, only one or at most two aspects tend to be quickly visible. We then tend to brand people with those initial observations. What is waiting to be discovered under the surface is is often as or more interesting. Anyone who has already formed an impression of me should take this to heart.

So welcome. I am interested in any and all comments.