When Driving, No Make-Up, No Texting, No…Flossing?

Last night I was in the car waiting for the light to turn green when I casually glanced to my left. The woman behind the wheel  was intensely flossing her teeth. I am guessing that the rapid motion may have been due to the limited time until the light would change.

Now I have seen people do many things while behind the wheel including eating  food, putting on make-up, using their cell phones or reaching into the back seat to get something that they obviously could not live with until they exited the car.  This was my first flossing. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big believer in oral hygiene. I am just not sure that I would floss in my car — unless I was in a dark corner of  a parking lot maybe and the brisket that was stuck between my teeth was causing tremendous pain. And I was not disgusted by the act, it just seemed odd and unnecessary.

Admittedly the act could have been worse. She could have been driving while flossing. The thing is that I do not know if she does that as well as flossing at a stop light. The first behavior is strange enough so who knows.

My wife asked me if I would floss in public. I gave one of those flippant answers that I am famous for. You know, the throwaway comments that I never really give any thought to. So I said, “Sure, I do not care. I would do anything in public.” The regret grew intense the moment the last syllable was spoken. I knew exactly what she was thinking. Puerto Vallarta , 1993, on the rocks, a boat full of tourists goes by.

OK. Maybe not anything in public…certainly no flossing!


Take A Chance

I was at a party last Thursday. A celebration. Celebrating the latest big step in the life of someone who takes chances. She is now the VP Human Resources of a major corporation. Pretty cool.

The people invited to this celebration were the extremely bright and chance taking people she knows. Many of these people she hired at one place or another. They made her look good. In return she made them better. They are off doing  great things. Some running their own business and others with much bigger jobs than before.

I have one foot in this group. I am fairly bright and while maybe not the highest IQ of the bunch, I can hold my own. Risk taking however is not what I do. Not the big ones anyway. At least not often.

I get inspired by my friend, what she has achieved and by this group of people. They are special.

But taking a change is not only about making the Big Bet. It is also about the little ones. The ones where you could call it a night but you take one more little chance. The ones that lead to pleasant surprises. That lead to smiles.

The topper on this night of great conversation with amazing people happened at the end. Many had left the bar where we were celebrating but a small intrepid band was not done for the night. I let my self be cajoled into checking out the band upstairs.

There I discovered the Neverly Bros. Band. Three 40 something guys, rhythm guitar, stand up bass and stand up drummer. They played early rock and roll and British Invasion music. For just the three of them the sound was rich and full. This was fun. I do not get enough fun.

So I took a small chance and won. Thanks Sarah and Agent 94.

Between being inspired by these people and some changes at work, I am seriously considering taking a big chance. New job maybe. Maybe. I know that I should. I should take a chance.