Duck, Duck, Goose

It is hard not to enjoy watching young kids be kids. While hanging out on the beach at our Mexican resort I was treated to watching a group of 2-4 year olds play the timeless children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose. This resort had The Adventurer’s Club where parents in need of a moment to themselves entrusted their kids to resort staff dressed in the garb of a jungle adventurer.

The one I saw had the kids form a circle (no easy chore) and gave a short explanation of how to play the game. Clearly some of them were too young to get the rules and strategic intricacies of DDG. Yet somehow there were smiles and giggles all around.

Sometimes the Goose would get up and just stand there. Other times the G would follow the one who tagged them. My favorite was when one little girl who was not going to be the first around the circle took a short cut through the circle and calmly sat down in the open spot. Her stunned playmate paused for a second and then just started around the circle again patting heads while saying, “duck, duck, duck…”

I began to wonder what it would be like if adults played DDG. I imagine a bunch of aggressive, competitive men and women standing around before the game swilling Red Bull. Then a few would be doing some stretching, adjusting their pads and tying their $200 specially designed DDG shoes (kind of like running shoes but with a special edge to help you get to your feet faster). Each person would be eyeing the other contestants looking for the weakest and strongest competition.

Once the game begins they play to win no matter what the cost. People diving head first to hit the open spot. Elbowing or tripping an opponent is just part of the game— “you don’t like it, find a baby’s game, Sucker”. Oh yeah, lots of name calling.

By the second or third round, Survivor-like alliances begin to form. I will knock out Paris if you “accidentally” trip Thad as he passes by. A little blood is part of the game. Fortunately there is an ambulance and full medical staff on alert.

By the end there is only one winner. As it should be. The DDG trophy is awarded by the league commissioner. It is a gold plated statue of two little water fowl chasing a larger one.

Oh to be a kid again.


Dead Turtle Or Is It is Just Resting?

Several weeks ago I wrote about a dead parrot and shared a video containing part of the hilarious Monty Python skit about a dead parrot. In one part of the skit the shopkeeper in an effort to retain the sale suggests that the parrot is just sleeping.

I could not help think about this again yesterday. We were at the site of an ancient Polynesian village. One part of the beachfront was roped off and designated as a turtle resting area. Sure enough there was a turtle on the beach. After 3 minutes of watching this turtle not move a muscle or show signs of breathing I suggested that it may be resting permanently. My wife, ever the optimist countered that it was just tired and must be sleeping. Monty Python immediately came to mind.

We explored the village for an hour or so before returning to check up on our boy. My wife insisted that he was further up the beach than before. I suggested that the tide had just gone out. But before I could say another word our boy opened and closed an eye. Just in case we missed it the first time he did it again. IT IS ALIVE!

Shame on me for being the pessimist that I can be.

Check back in on this post next week when I add a picture of our boy. He is a handsome not dead sea turtle.