Dignity and Dedication

You do not know what you are made of until you are put to the test. Most of us can do well, show desirable traits when the living is easy. Those who can be strong, cool and dignified when the world is raining down disaster upon them are at a whole new level.

There are examples of people stepping up where there are major disasters such as 911or Katrina. There are also examples of the smaller scale incidents that impact smaller groups such as couples or families.

I have a front row seat to the latter right now. And what I am witnessing are the highest levels of dignity and dedication.

Before my Mom entered the hospital at the beginning of the month she was already infirm. Practically blind, a liver that not even Hannibal Lecter would like, a bloated stomach and legs that were not holding her weight. She needed help getting out of bed, getting to the bathroom, getting dressed getting fed.

Fred, her husband, has sacrificed almost all of the rest of his life to take care of her. He was staying home every day and doing everything that she needs. He has been a full time caretaker for a couple of months now. He does not complain. He does what he does because in his mind this is what a spouse, a person, a mench dos in this situation. No second thoughts. He defines dedication.

My Mom is frustrated that she cannot do the things that she used to do. She is forced to wear a diaper and to be cleaned by someone else. She works so hard to feed herself–her hands aren’t working well and the stroke has weakened her right arm. Being almost blind also kinda hampers depth perception so just seeing where to poke a fork is challenging. She is exhausted by the time she is done. Yet she will not let anyone help her until she just can physically do no more. In therapy she is relearning to walk and to speak.

Yet ask her how she is doing and she will smile and say she is doing as well as she can. She has not let great indignities take her dignity from her.

I can only hope that I will act with the grace under fire and have the ability to do what I must–without complaining –as the two people who are my role models today.

Male Model Convention

We spent a couple of evenings at the Curacao airport hoping to get our lost luggage off the night flight from Miami. If you are not coming, going or looking for lost luggage there is no apparent reason to be hanging out at this airport. A few airport shops, two fast food joints and a tiny bar are all it has to offer. Except for last Monday night.

I am still not sure why the people we saw were taking in the ambiance of the airport but they were there. My eye was first attracted to a stunning young woman going in and out of the few shops. She seemed to be alone which made no sense to me. But then I spied him. 6 foot 3. Wavy dark hair. Buldging biceps. Sculpted facial features and muscular body. My first thought was that this is Stunning Woman´s boyfriend. Sure enough.

Yet as the two stood and talked, two other great looking guys came over. Next thought. Male Model Convention. Nothing else could explain the bevy of great looking guys at the Curacao airport. Maybe at one of the beautiful topless beaches but not at the airport.  We later saw this gang sitting at a table with even more hunky guys. (It sure is good that I am comfortable with my own manliness to be able to colorfully describe this scene.)

I thought about trying to sneak a picture for the entertainment of my loving and lovely wife. However flash would have been required and I know from my own experience how annoying the paparazzi can be. (Yeah right.)

Just another night at the Curacao airport. The new hot spot for the beautiful people.