Halloween Fun

What I find fun about Halloween has nothing to do with me dressing up. (I did wear an orange shirt and black pants to work today in honor of the holiday.)

I love the looks on the faces of young children. It was especially enjoyable when one of the young children was mine and I got to shadow him around the neighborhood.

Now I get to open the door to the faces of others. Actually my wife and then my son manned the doors through the busiest hours. That made it even better. I like watching little kids but small doses are just fine.


ps. Best Halloween blog post belongs to Pax again this year. I share his rapture with regards to candy corn which he celebrates each year. This year however he has outdone himself with his “Big Ass Page of Halloween Goodness”. Experience it here.


Halloween Costume Favs…As An Adult


Once I got past childhood, Halloween was never a big treat for me. Heck, I could get candy anytime I wanted. (Still can and do it far too often.)

Playing dress up is not really me. I need a great party, group of friends or a date I want to impress for me to be willing to put on a costume. Three Halloweens stand out.

As a college sophomore I got a last minute invitation. The resident adviser for our dorm floor was Tom. Tom was not only a great guy but one of the best looking guys on campus. His girlfriend had not shown up. They had planned something “cute”. Without her he wanted to do something edgy. I cannot recall who or how the idea arose but we went down to dinner in the dorm as a gay couple. My costume way fairly simple. A pink shirt, white pants, hair parted down the middle and Tom and I held hands. This was mid 1970s before gay was also cool. We got a lot of queer looks from the straight crowd. I think a lot of teen girls’ hearts were broken that night. Not because of me…because of Tom.

A party at my then girlfriend’s apartment. I am in my early 20s. I do not remember my costume but JoAnne was there dressed as a nurse. Jo was a friend of a friend I had not met before. Turns out Jo was a nurse so it was not much of a stretch. What made the night memorable was when Jo searched for a role of masking tape and decided to tape my mouth. Don’t remember what I said but no doubt I deserved it. My first thought was , “I love this woman’s spirit”.  We’ve been friends ever since.

Last dress up occurred with the woman who would become my wife. At that time we had been dating for less than two months. I went as a devil, red long underwear, a black shirt, face paint, horns and a devil’s trident. My wife was the sexiest pirate I had ever seen.  I spent the rest of the night trying not to be a drooling devil–much less scary and not a great date impression. 

I would be interested in hearing about other favorite costumes–adult or child.

PS. While writing this I have been answering the door for dozens of younguns in costume. As the dad of a 16 year old boy I had forgotten how much fun I had taking D around the neighborhood when he was a kid. It was the real Halloween treat.