Pigs on Junk Food

gaiv.gifI am referring to actual brutes as opposed to human gluttons. Apparently, given the high price of corn, pigs and cattle are being fed all sorts of fattening foods. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, these animals are beeing fed trail mix, cookies, licorice, CHEESE CURLS, french fries and peanut butter cups. Sometimes this mixture is mixed with chocolate powder. Yum.

These “foods” have replaced the traditional meal of corn, soybean meal, fat and vitamins. The feeders only seem to care about getting weight on the animals at as low a cost as possible. I don’t completely blame them. I am sure that raising livestock is a tough business.

On the other hand, I have got to believe that this trend cannot be good for those of us who consume these consumers of junk food. I have enough extra weight and high cholesterol from the junk food I intake directly. I gotta believe that beef and pork are less nutritious when the animals eat more cookies than I do.

Where are the Douglas’ of Green Acres when you need them?