Adult Sippy Cups


For the umpeenth time I noticed after the fact that coffee had dripped on my shirt. (Don’t tell my wife.) Fortunately its a black knit shirt and the stain did not show. The other times I have not been so lucky.

The problem? The tops to the cups often don’t fit snugly. Yet I have become addicted to drinking from cups that come with the tops designed with the little spout. In the car you have to use them or risk major spillage. But here I was at my desk.

Looking at my….my sippy cup.

I am not sure why I never made the connection before. The coffee shops are treating us all like toddlers. Really, the difference is a few centimeters in spout length. The shape is the same. The objective is the same. No spills.

With me, the effect is even the same. Ever see a toddler without juice stains on his shirt?

One Very Good Day

My wife and I spent much of Saturday together, just the two of us. That may not seem like much but it is amazing how rare such an event is. We are usually running errands, taking our son somewhere or just doing separate things.

We hung out for awhile around the house. We were both a bit tired from busy weeks. Finally we got up enough energy to get our bike stuff on and toss the bikes on the back of the car. We found a route we had not riden before. It was very relaxing. The night air was cool, the path surrounded by greenery, bunnies hopping along the path and a distance we could finish by dark. We even had a chance to talk to each other.

We changed in the car and headed to one of our fav chinese retaurants. Food was great. We headed home.

It was one very good day.

Fat Belly. Not My Fault

(Two articles on back to back pages of Monday’s Chicago Tribune caught my eye.This is story #1)

Welcome back self esteem! You know the extra 10 pounds that I have been carrying causing my gut to hang inches over my belt? Not my fault. At least not completely. Assuming humans react the same ways as mice and monkeys, scientists have discovered that it is stress not my lack of will power over food that causes me to look pregnant (without the glow). Yessiree Bob. Stress, along with a high fat/ high sugar diet,  produces neuropeptide Y. It is this hormone and not the pizza and candy that cause people to scream “thar she blows” every time I go to the beach.

Seriously, I have wondered why riding a bike 50 miles each week hasn’t made a dent in my waistline. I do fell stress now and again–and again and again. Maybe there is something to this neuropeptideY.

I still believe a sensible diet and exercise are the key to weight loss. I am confident however that millions of Americans will continue to eat like starving hogs assuming they can get their N Y shot and lose the gut. Why do the work when a drug does it for you?  What a country!

Pigs on Junk Food

gaiv.gifI am referring to actual brutes as opposed to human gluttons. Apparently, given the high price of corn, pigs and cattle are being fed all sorts of fattening foods. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, these animals are beeing fed trail mix, cookies, licorice, CHEESE CURLS, french fries and peanut butter cups. Sometimes this mixture is mixed with chocolate powder. Yum.

These “foods” have replaced the traditional meal of corn, soybean meal, fat and vitamins. The feeders only seem to care about getting weight on the animals at as low a cost as possible. I don’t completely blame them. I am sure that raising livestock is a tough business.

On the other hand, I have got to believe that this trend cannot be good for those of us who consume these consumers of junk food. I have enough extra weight and high cholesterol from the junk food I intake directly. I gotta believe that beef and pork are less nutritious when the animals eat more cookies than I do.

Where are the Douglas’ of Green Acres when you need them?