Dilbert Stole My Idea


OK. This needs some explanation, a willingness to follow some circumstantial evidence and a leap of faith.

It all started on May 12. Based on frustrations at work I had penned I was a Living Dilbert Cartoon. The post immediately prior was Head Exploding.

Three days later Frank at KnowHR referenced my Dilbert post in his We Put The “Cult” In Culture. If you click on this link you will see that Scott Adams himself left a message indicating that he would read my post. While Scott left no message here at 48Facets, I am sure he read this blog and chuckled if not outright guffawed.

On May 25, the Dilbert above appears. OK. The punchline is not mine but what about the whole exploding head thing.

I find Scott Adams to be a genius at capturing the dark realities of the workplace in an amazingly funny way. I am honored just to believe that I might have contributed to a strip– regardless of the lack of direct evidence. Now I will be watching to see if he uses my Dilbert like story line. That would be tres cool.

Scott. Mr. Adams. If you are out there. Show give me a sign.