Skunks and Possums and Deer, Oh My!

Pepe-Le-Pew-All in the past week Mother Nature has been unleashing her creatures on the streets and back alleys of the city. Bike paths too.

First, the route to a client took me past a forest preserve. On a stretch just outside the preserve, not far from some homes I saw my first skunk. Well at least my first live, not road kill, non-cartoon one. He (or she I did not get close enough to tell) was running? hopping? It was hard to describe. All I could think about was that I was glad this was miles from my home. But it was only yards from someone else’s home.

A few nights later we were trying to exit a parking lot. My wife was out of the car because the machine took dollars only, no credit cards, and it was not liking so much the singles that we had. From the corner of my eye, which like the rest of my body was safely in the car, I saw a creature too big to be a cute little mouse. It looked like a medium sized rat and it was heading our way. I suggested to my wife that she might want to hurry.

Once safely in the car we got close enough to see that it was a baby possum. We have an adult  that frequents our backyard and occasionally scares the bejesus out of me as I come in the back door at night. They are not attractive creatures when large. At least they aren’t rats.

Then last Sunday I was riding on the bike path about 20 miles north of where I live. Typically my eyes are focused more down than ahead. At one point I glanced up to see a deer straddling the two lanes of the path. In this area there is only a foot of grass on each side of the path and them woods on the other side of the grass. I hit the brakes. Being the great outdoors man that I am I surmised that I would not fare as well as the deer should we collide. The image of hooves crashing down on my skull also gave me pause.

Instead of a crash I slowed long enough to witness the deer bound off into the woods. They are beautiful creatures.

I love Mother Nature but that was more than enough nature for one week.

Thursday Night Lights

The following is something I captured on paper as I flew home Thursday December 4. I Just wish I could have captured the moment in pictures.

This was my second flight of the day. Now heading from Charlotte to Chicago. I was in the aisle seat on the right side of the plane.  The action was outside the window on the left side.

It was a beautiful sunset sky. At the bottom of the frame was a black horizon stretching horizontally forever.  Above the horizon layers of color formed and bled into one another. As my eye moved from low to high there the scene had a deep, rich reddish-orange at the base. Above that the layers grew progressively lighter, orange, yellow-orange, the a layer of sky blue topped by a thick layer of royal blue.

Each color stood out clearly. So clearly that at first they seemed to be drawn one on top of the other. But  after a few moments you would begin to notice how each layer bleeding into the one above. Orange into yellow and yellow into the blue.

Ten minutes later the picture had morphed. The layers changed and became less distinct. On top of the dark horizon was a thicker layer of reddish orange. This was topped by a diffuse orange to yellow band. Now there was a hint of green. between this layer and the blue above. Minutes later the picture became fuzzy as this glorious palette of colors mixed together.

Finally the blackness took over.

I have been on dozens if not hundreds of flights at night and this had to be one of the most beautiful skies I had ever seen.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…and Your Gorgeous

From the pages of The Economist comes a story of great pathos. It seems Anthony Weiner, a New York congressman wants to help a group that has fallen through the cracks of the system…foreign born fashion models.

Here is the key to this near tragedy as reported by The Economist.

It’s not often that fashion models are paired with IT workers, except in the lurid fantasies of computer geeks. But because of a decision made back in 1990 they must compete for the same over-subscribed H-1B, a temporary work visa for specialised occupations. Until 2004, when the government lowered the cap on the number of H-1Bs it issued, it didn’t matter so much. But now demand has far outstripped the limited number of visas available, and many foreign models are being denied the chance to sashay down America’s catwalks.”

OH MY G-D!  What are these poor waifs to do. If it is up to Tony they will get a special exemption. Is this a great country or what!

Male Model Convention

We spent a couple of evenings at the Curacao airport hoping to get our lost luggage off the night flight from Miami. If you are not coming, going or looking for lost luggage there is no apparent reason to be hanging out at this airport. A few airport shops, two fast food joints and a tiny bar are all it has to offer. Except for last Monday night.

I am still not sure why the people we saw were taking in the ambiance of the airport but they were there. My eye was first attracted to a stunning young woman going in and out of the few shops. She seemed to be alone which made no sense to me. But then I spied him. 6 foot 3. Wavy dark hair. Buldging biceps. Sculpted facial features and muscular body. My first thought was that this is Stunning Woman´s boyfriend. Sure enough.

Yet as the two stood and talked, two other great looking guys came over. Next thought. Male Model Convention. Nothing else could explain the bevy of great looking guys at the Curacao airport. Maybe at one of the beautiful topless beaches but not at the airport.  We later saw this gang sitting at a table with even more hunky guys. (It sure is good that I am comfortable with my own manliness to be able to colorfully describe this scene.)

I thought about trying to sneak a picture for the entertainment of my loving and lovely wife. However flash would have been required and I know from my own experience how annoying the paparazzi can be. (Yeah right.)

Just another night at the Curacao airport. The new hot spot for the beautiful people.