Difference Between Depression And Jubilation

One hit. Especially an opposite field double.

College Baseball. Love it.

Half & Half

Not Miami

Not Miami

I have mentioned more than once that I am a half empty kind of guy. I am more likely to envision what is wrong in a situation than what is right. That helps me in work. In life, not so much.

Here are this week’s half full/half empties:

Half Empty. I am leaving the cold Midwest for a Florida vacation but I need to get up at 4:15 am on a Sunday to get this party started.

Half Full. On the way to the airport the snow begins. Before I am out of Chicago 24 hours they receive and I miss 4 inches of April snow. For vacations, the weather differential is more important than the temperature where you will be.

Half Empty. I am in Florida after an on time arrival but the car rental and other related travel delay our arrival at the hotel by almost 3 hours.

Half Full. We are in Ft. Lauderdale. It is 85 degrees, we go to a biker bar/restaurant near the beach and then walk on the beach. It is an amazingly bland beach.

Half Empty. Did I mention we were in Ft. Lauderdale? Yes it is Florida and much warmer than Chicago. However, Ft. Lauderdale seems like the place people go when they cannot afford Miami, a mere 70 miles away but worlds apart.

Half Full. I am here to watch my son in his last high school baseball tournament. He is surprised I came, pleasantly I think, because I usually work rather than make all his games. But we stay at different hotels and I hardly get a chance to be with him.

Half Empty. I am on vacation but I need to work. In one case because a client knew they would need help months ago but waited until the last minute. Yes it is only a couple of hours a day instead of the 10+ I would work normally but I rarely get time just to unwind and enjoy myself. Therefore I rarely enjoy.

Half Full. My son led off the first game with a hit but was caught stealing. He went two for three and played well in the field. We lost 7-1 to a superb team from Florida. They have already played almost as many games as our season will be.

Just Plain Empty. My son’s coach is terribly organized causing parents to be running around doing last minute errands and spending far more money than was promised.

Just Plain Full. I am in the same city as my son sharing the last parts of his high school life before he steps into the next phase of becoming a man. I could not be here but I am.

The Longest Baseball Awards Banquet In Recorded History

Probably a good thing that I waited 48 hours to write this.  I have calmed down some. Instead of a long post, here are some key stats:

  • 4.5 hours long
  • Each coach talked about each kid on each of the 4 teams, approximately 110 kids
  • Two coaches took way too long per kid
  • 16 quasi-inappropriate comments about individual players by the varsity coach alone
  • 2 embarrassing and 4 good things said about my son over 3.5 hours after the start
  • 1 varsity most improved player award taken home by my son D

Good intentions but poorly paced. At least the food was good, and most importantly my son knew that I was there on a night that was important to him. I came close to staying late at work like most other nights. Didn’t. Good call.


A Beautiful Day At Wrigley

My buddy Tom had tickets for the Cubs game today so I played hooky. Afternoon game on a warm spring day. Can not be beat.

Cubbies played well. They won 8-1. They beat the hated Mets (been the hated Mets since 1969). Lots of players contributed.

It has been 100 years since my Cubs have won a world series. It is too early to make predictions…but this could be the year. Spoken/written like a true Cubs fan.

Beautiful Wrigley Field on April 22, 2008.

Baseball:It Ain’t Over ’til Its Over

Baseball is unpredictable. I went to sleep the other night after the San Dieago Padres went up by 2 runs in the top of the 13th inning figuring the winner had been determined. The Rockies proved me wrong.

I was not the only one to make quick judgements. There was a promo for the baseball playoff that played repeatedly during the Rockies/Padres game. Many of the action scenes portrayed Mets players. I guess at the time the promo was made no one in MLB thought the Phillies would overtake the Mets. Oops.

Rockies. Phillies, Cubs, Diamondbacks. Who would have picked those four teams.

Baseball, gotta love it.