The Dick Van Dyke Show And Me

In an interview, Dick Van Dyke proclaimed that of all of the movies and TV work he is known for, his days making the Dick Van Dyke Show were the most fun.

That the cast was having fun certainly came through. I have wonderful memories of that show. How could you not laugh hysterically with Dick, Laura, Sally, Buddy , Mel, Alan Brady and the rest of the cast. It integrated physical comedy, low brow one liners, a bit of high comedy and the occasional song and dance number delivered by characters you could relate to.

It only lasted 5 season because that comic genius Carl Reiner was concerned that the show could get stale. How different from today’s “squeeze every last moment’ (read dollar) from a TV show.

So, how does this wonderful TV history involve me? I had a good year at work this year. I worked myself to near-death but it paid of in a decent bonus. I wanted to reward myself with a treat. The BIG treat will be a digital SLR if I ever figure out what to buy. In the meantime I went looking for something small. I decided that I wanted, no needed, The DVD Show complete series. I had looked at this from time to time over the years. It lists for about $250. I would not spend that much.

The day after Christmas was the first day I had time to internet shop. Sure enough it was on sale at Amazon for $115. Still a little high but this was by definition a treat. I dropped it in my virtual shopping cart along with some other items. I did not push the buy button because I was still figuring out what camera to add. Anyways, if it was on sale the day after Christmas it would be on sale for the week. Right? Wrong! Two days later it was up to $165 and another day later to $183 where it sits today. Too rich for my blood.

I brooded for days. I kept checking the price, sometimes more than once a day. No change. I did not have the heart to search for another treat. I had chosen this.

Pricing in retail makes little sense to me. The same item can be worth very different amounts in a heart beat. Why is that? Why would the retailer not give you the lower price the next day if you asked. I could not find a way on the Amazon website to even ask.

Then serendipity intervened. After 10 days of checking the prices on the complete series package, I noticed that Amazon cut the price in half of the individual seasons. Add it up. I could now get all five seasons individually for a total of $96 or the complete set for $183. I ordered the five seasons as fast as I could click.

They arrived a couple of days ago. The big decision now is whether to start with the very first episode or the pilot which was named “Head of the Family” and starred Carl Reiner. 25 disks to go. I am thinking about having a DVD marathon party. 24/7. Anyone interested?

Now this is a treat.

ps. As I went went to YouTube to find the opening to add I find that you can find view episodes for free there. What a world.

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2 Responses to The Dick Van Dyke Show And Me

  1. rwolf says:

    Obviously, they should have figured out a way to make it a 32-disc set.

  2. 48facets says:

    Not enough people know just how funny that comment is.

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