My first real blog post about 4 years ago described my first time playing Bunco. At the time I had no idea what Bunco was or if I would enjoy it. I did. Immensely.

So we were very happy to be invited once again shortly before New Years day to rejoin the festivities.

What makes this night so fun? First it is a family and friends night. The hosts are a family of 10.  Add fiends of all ages to the mix, from the youngest at 7 to someone in their 60s or 70s (I was too polite to ask). It is a game anyone can play. The action is fast and the rewards are both immediate (a game typically lasts 2 – 5 minutes) and long-lasting (we play 30 games in an evening).

During the course of the evening you get to meet and interact with most of the players. In Bunco, the winning team moves to a higher table.  Then a couple of times during the event we stop for food and drink. At the end there are “fabulous” prizes.

Tom, one of the hosts and the master of ceremonies, gives fun and funny prizes to the best and the worst of the night,. This was a big night for me.  I not only rolled my first three Buncos ever, I did 2 in one game. My partner and I won for highest scoring game of the night. My prize? An ant farm. Unfortunately my wife refuses to let me mail away for the ants!

I have no idea whether other places where Bunco is played are as warm, inviting and entertaining as where I play. I hope so.

If you ever want to have lots of people in a house at the same time doing something low-key, embracing and fun…Bunco is the game for you.

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