One Man’s… Is A New Yorker’s…

I am in Downtown NY, a portion of Manhattan I have been to rarely. Most of my time has been in Midtown. This portion of the island is the financial district and most notable for Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

I walked about upon my arrival at my hotel given a need to stretch the legs after a day of travel. The skies were overcast and cold wind was howling. I strolled along the water, stared at the Statue of Liberty awhile and then headed back.

On the way back I saw two things that were very NY. The type of things spawned by having far too many people packed into far too little space.

Liberty Freedom Garden. What passes as a garden in NY is a slab of concrete. On top of the concrete are large rectangular metal containers filled with soil and things growing out of the soil. On top of concrete.

Even more amazing was that I passed through a walkway between two buildings. the walkway was wide for a walkway and the ground was a patchwork of stone tile. Half way through this walkway was a large sign about four feet high and two feet wide. The sign said “No Dogs Allowed in the Park”. THE PARK!!!!  There was no grass, playground equipment, or any other signal to anyone outside of NY that you were in a park. I was 20 steps from the street with tall buildings on either side of me. A park?

Only in NY.

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