Beating Your Fears Part II, Enough Already

This seems to be the week for testing my  fear of heights. I just got done feeling good about rappelling. Within 24 hours I am walking across  “bridges” that are suspended from cables above (known as hanging bridges). We are at treetop level and these suckers sway. I cross all 6 and even look down on occassion…while clutching the sides of the bridge with all my might. And of course hanging bridges are not enough of a test.

The next morning we travel above the treetops in order to go zip lining. What is a zip line? It is you attached to a harness holding onto a metal device that zips you along a cable from treetop to treetop. In our case this was all done hundreds of feet above the ground. Speeds can get as high as 40 -50 mph. It is you flying through the air being buffeted by the wind moving you side to side. If you were to let go, maybe the harness would stop you from e crashing to the ground and being broken into thousands of pieces or skewered on a branch like a human shish kebab, or not.

I had done this once before several years ago and had no problems. However, the zip lines here were longer and higher. One was a quarter-mile long and one was just short of one half mile. The wind blew and twisted me around as  I careened through the atmosphere trying not to look down. I once again completed the task and even enjoyed about half of the runs.

I am now done. No more heights to conquer. Not this week anyway. I have done enough.

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