I And You

This week I  have been witness to far too much “I”.  In this case “I” are all of the people putting their needs first and act as if either there is no one else in the universe or even if there is, it does not matter.  the desires, not even needs, of I trumps you.

From the ridiculous to the rude.

On the ridiculous side, this has been my week for public teeth cleaning.  In an earlier post I described the woman flossing while behind the wheel of her car. Midweek, as I was rushing through the airport I saw a 20 something male standing in the main aisle with this contorted facial expression. As I passed him I realized he too was flossing for all the world to see.  Four steps away was a bathroom. Then last night just before the curtain went up I noticed a man actively using a toothpick. This went on for a couple of minutes. I wanted to yell down, “I bet your mother did not raise you this way”.  But in a crowded theater that would have been rude.

Other I tunes included the driver of a Prius who was weaving through traffic on the highway at high speeds. On a couple of occasions the car barely made it through the tiny space between cars. An accident just about to happen.

The best of all traveling to an appointment an appointment in a city far, far away only to have the person I was there to see decide she was too busy for me.  At least her assistant was apologetic.

And yet in this same week there were too incidents of you before me that really touched me. In the first one, a work colleague spent much of two days working on a proposal that early in the process we decided he was not the right person to be working on the project should we get it. He had tons of other work obligations  and yet sacrificed his time for the greater good. As he said to me, ” Isn’t this just what we do? ”  meaning do the right thing, the mensch thing.  I knew that too often WE (everyone on our team) did not act that way but a few of us did anyway.

Then at the end of a long and brutal workweek, after 5 pm before a holiday weekend another non-I gesture. One of the administrative assistance in the group I manage, but not someone who works directly with me stopped by. My body language must have been reflecting the frustration and exhaustion I was feeling. Normally, as a “leader” I try to hide it better.

Instead of rushing for the door to begin her holiday weekend she came by to see how I was doing. She asked if I was OK. I told her it had just been a tough week but that everything would be good next week. She told me to let her know if there was anything she could do to help. She was sincere, not sucking up to the boss. Just as sincerely I thanked her and told her to go be with her family and enjoy the long weekend.

I must be doing something right to have a few “YOU”s and not all “I”s in my life.

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