Six Weeks, But Never Too, Late

Went on my first bike ride of the season Saturday. A bit over 20 miles. Normal aches and pains from a first ride.

The first ride should have been early April. Since I plan to complete a century ride in late September I am way, way behind schedule.

Something is happening that has been making me less passionate about my passions. Readers fo this blog know how important biking has become to me over the last several years. Despite careening past 50, and no 50 is NOT the new 40, at least for 2 years in a row I could say that I rode 100 miles. That was a source of pride and gave me some bragging rights.

But not last year. Never got the legs in gear.

This year is worse with the late start. No excuses, at least no good ones. I had some modest fears about how my body would respond but if there was going to be trouble, no reason to wait 6 weeks to find out. Will need to make more time than once a week if this is to work out.

I may need to give in and join a bike club so I can run in a pack. Maybe that will bring some of the fun back.

20 miles down, 1000 to go.

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