Pax Man: Death Of A Blog

One of the first blogs I began reading recently bit the dust.  Pax Romano’s Ramblings has provided insight, humor, pathos and great pics for years and has held a noticeable place in my life.

While Pax’s wisdom and humor  can be found on Facebook, we mourn the death of  a great blog.

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2 Responses to Pax Man: Death Of A Blog

  1. paxromano says:

    Aww, Rick, you are the best!

  2. 48facets says:

    The only reason I could be in the running for “the best” is that you dropped out.
    I will try to keep up with the 3 thousand posts per day you leave on Facebook. I need my Romano Family fix.
    I may be in Philly for a wedding in November. If it happens it would be great to get together with you and Frank. Bring Whatsisname. I will have the little missus with me.

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