Work, Work, Work. Sneaking In Some Fun

About 1 minute into the great “Harumph” scene from Blazing Saddles Mel Brook’s character says “Work, work, work” (he then goes on to stare at the magnificent chest of the woman next to him and says, “Hello boys. Have get a good night’s rest? I missed you.” That latter part has nothing to do with this post but are wonderfully funny in a sophomoric male kind of way.)

Work, work, work. That has been my life. Lots of planes, meetings, calls reports, etc.  Harumph.

Fortunately I have found a few moments outside of the madness to enjoy.

The Saturday before I started my marathon travel week I had an evening of racquetball with my wife and then attended a Mardi Gras party at the home of my friend Ed. The racquetball was intense and generally well-played. We are evenly matched. The party was fun and Ed makes some of the best Gumbo north of NOLA.

The following Saturday began with work from 9am to 6 pm. Fortunately I had made plans with Harold. He picked a play at a small theatre put on by the Annoyance Theatre company. The play was billed as a sex comedy musical. It was. The scenes were raunchy and  mostly funny. While it seemed as if it was date night for many in the audience, I am not sure I would have wanted to sit through this with my wife.

On Sunday I flew to NY, NY in time to spend most of the afternoon there. I walked the 30 streets and three avenues from my hotel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had not been there in at least two decades. It was good though the fatigue of the week caught up to me. I had a little time to rest. In fact I crashed for an hour. Then it was on to dinner with a long time friend who I had not seen in at least 7 years. It was great catching up but it was way too short.

This weekend I spent the afternoon with my nephew Dan. Dan is 27 and a very likeable guy. He is also a personal trainer among several other things and had offered often to work with me. When he was young I would have him stay at my apartment and had on a couple of occasions taken him to the health club. I was the cool uncle. Now it was his time to take me.

We only worked through about a half-dozen exercises. Dan’s goal is to get people to understand how important form is to working out. I learned to keep my back straight, how to curl, twist and push and how to remember to breath. He is really good at this personal trainer stuff.

We were looking for a place for a late lunch when I remembered we were near Manny’s. Manny’s is an old time deli on the near south side of Chicago. It has basic but great food and the decor could not have cost more than $10 but it was beautiful. The pastrami sandwich was $13.95 but overstuffed to overflowing and ended up being good for three meals. I had never been to Manny’s. About time.

Today I made my way back to the gym for the first time since racquetball with my wife two weeks earlier. It had been three weeks since any kind of aerobics workout. I had intended to use an elliptical machine as always. But today I decided to be different. My gym has a huge pool which had many empty lanes. I hate swimming when it is full and you share a lane with someone. I am a terrible swimmer and it has been years since I swam laps. But swim I did.

Ten laps. Took about 30 minutes. I then used a machine I had never used before. Your feet swing back and forth. It did not look like much of a workout but it was.

I was supposed to see a play this afternoon to complete the fun but if you read my last post you know that it never happened.

One more piece of fun. I snuck in two posts tonight. Since they have been coming at a pace of less than one every two weeks. This is good. I miss writing and will try to get back to it with much greater regularity.

Work, work, work…hello boys.

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2 Responses to Work, Work, Work. Sneaking In Some Fun

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Well this is good, because All Work and No Play…well, you know how that goes.

  2. Harold says:

    I can’t believe you’ve never been to Manny’s. You poor guy. Now you and BO have something in common.

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