So That’s How It Was Done In The Olden Days

My son uses a version the title expression every time I refer to life without cell phones and texting or use some colloquial phrasing from my youth. An incident a couple of days ago brought that to mind.

I had just pulled into the parking lot of a client ahead of a big meeting. I get out of the car and push the button on my car door clicker to lock the door. I have one where the key tucks into the unit and pops out in jackknife fashion when needed.  Nothing happened. I try again. And again. Nada.

Momentarily I am confused, then panicked. For that instant I do not know how to lock the car door.  After this meeting I will be parking at the airport and I do not want to leave my car unlocked in the airport parking lot for 2 days.


All of this must have happened in a matter of seconds, maybe even a fraction of a second. It was, however, one of those instances where time stood still.

Then it struck me. I can lock the door with THE KEY. You remember keys. That is what in the olden days everyone used to lock and unlock car doors.

The even weirder thing is that this is the first car I have owned with remote entry. Yes it has been 7 years but what happened to the 45 years before that. It seems that once we embrace a technology we lose the ability to function without it.

There is a long, philosophical post to be written at some future date about the impact of technology and our ability to cope when it ceases to function and what that says about us. For now, just enjoy the shared moment.

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2 Responses to So That’s How It Was Done In The Olden Days

  1. Pax Romano says:

    One day, I was coming home, arms full of grocery bags, and for a split second I was aiming my remote entry car key at my front door.

  2. 48facets says:


    That is a riot. Glad it is not only me.

    BTW, you are the 700th comment at 48Facets. You win a free drink. You just have to get to Chicago to collect.

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