Heaven Is Down

I am not making a theologic argument about the juxtaposition of Heaven and Hell– though that would make an interesting post.

Down today is not about direction but the warmth of goose down. Some nights it becomes more critically important than others. Such as last night.

Let’s take another angle to this story.

54 degrees in December in Chicago. Most times that would mean an unusual confluence of atmospheric anomalies occurred to provide Springlike temps in Winter. All true if I was referring to the temperature outside. Nope. That was a frigid 23 degrees yesterday.

It was 54 degrees INSIDE MY HOUSE. Things were toasty when we left the house at 4 pm and frigid when we returned at 6:30 on Saturday night.

Yes, I am cheap and I keep the thermostat at a lower setting than my wife and son prefer– I claim it is my part to slow global warming; always a matter of perspective. But no, I do not keep the thermostat at 54 degrees. Typically 68.

Every two years or so the electric starter on our gas boiler goes out. Almost always on a weekend. A time of double or triple rates for service calls. So our idea was to tough it out until Monday morning.

So we put on several layers of clothes and pulled our down comforter tightly around us. I was actually comfortably warm all night. I even took off my sweatshirt and slept in a T-shirt and shorts.

The upside of this adventure was that we stayed in bed until 10. How decadent. Neither of us wanted to get out from under the warmth of the down. While there was lots of snuggling, that is where that activity ended. Neither of us was willing to take off any additional layers. Oh well.

By Sunday morning we knew we could not make it 24 more hours without heat regardless of the cost. I cursed the technician who had installed the electric starter. When we first moved into the house, the boiler had a 24/7 pilot light. If that ever went out, I could relight the boiler myself.

Fortunately the first technician that returned my call (I tried 3 places) had no more desire to come to me that I had to pay the $250 for the service call (a premium of $150 over normal office hours). He talked me through some options though most of the time he was speaking a foreign language– someone will need to show me what the damper looks like. Finally he let me know that it was OK to relight the furnace. I will have to do that several times today since it is only a temporary fix. That should however get us through until tomorrow.

The temperature is climbing slowly. After 3 hours we are only at 58 degrees. I think it is time to take a nap and get back under that down comforter. Ahhh.

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One Response to Heaven Is Down

  1. Frank says:

    What a great title…and a great story. Myself, I’m getting too old to worry about the money…I go with comfort. You went with the comforter, which is another good choice.

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