Even Limo Drivers Have Facets

Often I forget why I started a blog titled 48 Facets. Then I run into interesting, multi-faceted people in the least expected places.

Let me share a prejudice.  When I encounter a limo driver speaking heavily Spanish accented English I make assumptions. Mexican. Uneducated. Driving because this is the best he can do to work toward the American dream.

I was with the same driver three times in two days. First trip nary a word was spoken. This morning we had some modest polite conversation. He mentioned that he had lived in NYC and been in Orlando for a while. The last trip was to the airport that would lead to my journey home.

I spoke of the snowstorm in Chicago and how it might be nice to stay in the moderate temps of central Florida for another day or two. He wisely suggested that this was the time to be with family.  He was right and for some reason that got me talking.

I learned that he was from Chile. Moved to Log Island in his mid-20s, was a civil engineer by training, worked for many years in his father-in-law’s construction business, left because his relationship with his father-in-law was deteriorating (though he liked the man on a personal level), moved to Orlando 14 years ago with six other families, does not think he would have made it there without the group sharing and support of the other families, and has a son grown son and daughter.  (Quite a sentence, huh.)

Both his son and daughter graduated from a strong, local college even though they could have attended nationally known schools (one  had been accepted by Columbia and the other by NYU). They both have advanced degrees — and jobs. The daughter is working locally and the son is in LA but will be home just after Christmas.

I considered asking him why a civil engineer was driving a limo . I did not. Whatever the answer is was not important. We were just two guys talking about our lives and our families. I thought the question would be  demeaning and neither in the spirit of our moment together or the holiday season.

The point is that once more I was surprised by how the reality of a person far surpassed any suppositions I make about them by the surface impressions. Another reminder that when I push pass my shy nature  I am almost always greatly rewarded.

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