$11 Million: Life Changing?

Not if you are Tiger Woods.

Tiger and other top golfers are playing in the Tour championship tournament with a $1.3 million prize. It is also the last of the tournaments that are part of the FedEx Cup which provides a $10 million prize based on finishes in select tournaments over the course of the season. Tiger comes into this tournament as the number 1 seed. If he wins the Tour Championship he wins the extra $10 million as well regardless of what any other golfer does. (Depending on who wins the tournament, Tiger could finish in the top 4-5 and still collect the $10 million.)

I read an article a few days ago talking about the pressure of an $11 million prize. What if it all came down to the last put? How would Tiger react?

The author was discussing that despite the pressure of a large money prize, Tiger has the ability to block everything else out and focus on what he needs to do on the course. To me his basic premise was wrong.

All I could think of was that despite the normal pressures of playing in a professional tournament and being expected to win each one you enter, for Tiger the money would not add any pressure. The chance to win $11 million not add pressure? Let that role around in your head for awhile.

$11 million would dramatically change the lives of the vast majority of people. It would certainly change mine. But Tiger is already worth a few bizzilion dollars and earning many more all the time. Not that he couldn’t buy a nice trinket with the extra money but…

Some day I hope to say that an extra $11 million would not change my life. Working on it. Only about $10,999,999 to go.

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