Glam Life

Woke up yesterday in a Hampton Inn. Second of three days on the road.

Ate instant oatmeal and an egg-like yellow oval thing for breakfast.

Worked all day. Lunch was a out of a vending machine eaten in 15 minutes at 2:30.

Drove the 2.5 hours in a Ford Escape from Richmond to Dulles Airport to drop off a car. Took a cab back to another hotel. Now 7:30 pm.

Worked for a couple more hours.

Consulting. A Glamorous life.

About 48facets
What you read is what you get.

3 Responses to Glam Life

  1. rwolf says:

    Shame on you. There are consultants starving in Africa who would give an appendage for an egg-like yellow oval thing.

  2. 48facets says:

    Bob, you are too funny. I never would have made that connection.

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