What Would You Do With $150

If you received $150 unexpectedly, how would you spend the money. For most of the people I know this is not a life changing amount of money but I could purchase something fun.

A night on the town? That gadget that you have wanted but was too expensive except now you have a $150 “discount”? Clothes? Shoes? Charity?

Whatever the answer, this is what I gave up yesterday. Instead of getting something unexpected,  I had to spend $200 on something that I could have bought for $50 just 32 hours earlier. Why? Because I did not take the 30 seconds to check the deadline on my car’s extended warranty. At $150 for 30 seconds of effort that comes to $18,000 an hour!

BTW, the $150 was the loss at the end of the story. The repair would have cost an extra $800 if not for the willingness of the car dealership to work out a deal with a long time customer.  (I have been trying to do the math on the hourly rate at $800 per 30 seconds but my computer exploded right after it started crying virtual tears.)

As I have been preparing for my son to leave for his freshman year of college I have been trying to cram in as many life lessons as possible. You know, getting him to understand how to conduct a good life and how to live in the real world– living with your parents is not the real world. Included in the lessons have been that some small things are big and keep track of important dates. I guess that even at 50+ I have my own life lessons to learn.

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One Response to What Would You Do With $150

  1. Rachael says:

    i would invest the money toward a new pair of doc martins

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