Celebrities In My Midst

I felt a bit like Dian Fossey as I stealthily observed the habits of a strange species. I found myself within arms length of three celebrities within 48 hours.

First William Petersen, best known for his role as Gil Grissom on CSI. He is currently starring in a play at the Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago but stopped in at intermission to visit someone at the Steppenwolf Theatre on Wednesday night. My buddy Bill obviously did not see me since he walked right past me twice. He looked good. Fit and trim. In the last season he was on CSI they had him looking frumpy and old.

Second was Dionne Warwick. Before she shilled for the Psychic Friends Network she had over 50 charted hits. Now 69 and looking her age she was standing with a small crew on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in NYC. I walked over to get a closer look. One of her party was a late 50s blond who looked good but very plastic. I had to believe that her boobs were enhanced and the skin on her face had been stretched more than once. I could not tell if she had some fame of her own.

The last celebrity is my wife. She was in a cooking segment on The Early Show, CBS’ morning show. They were filming the show in the plaza outside the CBS building which was across street from our hotel. I recognized none of the hosts. So what was my wife’s role on the show? She had the job of standing behind the woman doing the demonstration and the host who I did not recognize. (After all it is the #3 morning show.) You can see my wife here.

The guys working security were pretty cool. I was trying to click a picture of my wife and they let me get fairly close to the demonstration. Normal working people are often good guys.

As for celebrities, the study continues.

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One Response to Celebrities In My Midst

  1. Frank Roche says:

    Dian Fossey. LOL…How about Marlin Perkins? Then you could send Jim in for the really dangerous assignments.

    Really great stuff. I like seeing celebrities. Cool that Mrs. 48 was one of them!

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