Quick story about a moment someone was particularly nice.

UA Flight 357 from Chicago to Dallas. plan was packed, every seat taken. You could tell that the flight attendants were a bit flustered even before the plane took off.

After we took off they came down the aisle with drinks and were pushing the pay-for-meals. The woman squeezed into the middle seat next to me asked for one and pulled out cash. Remember that the airlines need every shekel they can get. In a rude tone, the flight attendant tone told this young woman that they do not take cash.

The young lady politely apologized and pulled out a credit card. It didn’t work on the high tech device that has replaced the hand to hand exchange of cash. Still in good spirits she pulled out another. And yet another. All the while she was smiling and cheerful. And Nice. Finally the hi-tech gadget the flight attendant was using to take payment worked. She handed the young lady her receipt and then headed down the aisle.

As the flight attendant walked away, the nice, young lady made a sarcastic comment about how she got a receipt but no  meal. She followed that with a snide remark about how bitchy the flight attendant had been. Wait. Wait. No that wasn’t HER . That is what I was thinking. This woman was NICE.

She politely asked for the meal she had just paid for and giggled.

It was a small moment but a memorable one. It could have gotten nasty. Instead it was a smile.

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One Response to Nice

  1. Frank Roche says:

    There is a certain delicious revenge in smiling during adversity.

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