NY State Of Mind

Kingsport, TN. NYC.  This week is Kingsport but last week was NYC. NYC is always an adventure to me. So much to observe. Last week I had two days.

The trip actually started in Stamford Connecticut. The flight into the Westchester County airport was routine. However once we landed the weather moved in. A brilliant lightning display. Unfortunately the rain could not wait until after we picked up our plane side luggage.

After a typical business meeting and lunch in a nice restaurant the adventure began. Here were the highlights:

  • Trainspotting. A four block walk to the commuter train heading from Stamford to Grand Central Station. I used to take a similar train when I worked in downtown Chicago. This was a little weird because the train crossed state lines. Is all of Connecticut really just a suburb of NYC?
  • Parlez Vous Francais? On the train there was a loud group of teens. Not unusual. What set this group apart is that for the entire 45 minute train ride they chattered nonstop in French.
  • Old School. As I walked out of Grand Central I noticed a man with a determined look and even a more determined walk. He was hunched over, carrying a brief case. Thinned out hair. Not expensive, not cheap suit that was neat and clean. Worn out look on his seventy something face. Bulbous nose giving his face real character. He has probably been doing his work, making his commute, for almost a half century. Few young people today can understand what it takes to go and do for so long.
  • One-in-a-million shot. Shortly after I arrived I decided to take a walk around mid-town. Within moments a man walked toward me and asked for directions. From the way he had been looking around with that “where am I” look I suspected that this was why he was approaching me. “Good luck mister” went through my head. I was in a part of Midtown I was not familiar with. He asked aboutthe one street I knew. The woman asking me about a bus 15 minutes later was not so lucky.
  • See me, feel me. Walking around Manhattan is not that different than downtown Chicago. Lots of tall buildings, lots of people. Two differences. The streets of NCY seem even more densely packed and the manners are generally worse. Maybe not worse but people seem immune to the jostling and incidental contact that occurs as one makes their way down the avenue. In Chicago, a bump is more than likely to lead to an “excuse me”. In NYC it does not seem expected or necessary…most of the time. I witnesses a guy yacking on the phone and walking with purpose. As he neared a street corner he bumped into another guy, harder than most casual bumps, but kept yacking and stopped at the corner. The other guy grew agitated. He tried to get to the other guy but the crowd had closed in. He had to make a circle around the crowd to get to his target. With typical NY attitude he got into the face of the man who bumped him and demanded an apology from the clearly clueless guy. After all several moments had passed since the incident. No punches were thrown.
  • Rain, rain go away. I walked for at least a mile just enjoying Midtown when the heavens opened up. I ducked into the nearest entrance way which unfortunately was for a woman’s clothing store. I did not feel like walking in. I stood there for over 20 minutes sharing space with an ever changing group of locals. I should have just bought a $5 umbrella from one of the guys with the cartfull of $5 umbrella who seem to magically appear when it rains in NYC.
  • In the Hood. A hotel on 57th between 6th and 7th Avenues will be my family’s hood for 6 days later this month. After dozens of business trips to NYC over the years this will be my first vacation. I checked out the place we will be during a break in the rain. It is a smal luxury hotel. Not much lobby to see so I spent time with the two 20 somethings that were working the door. I hung out with Jose and Edward for awhile getting the lay of the hood. I think this will be fun.

The next day I did the business I was there to do and headed for the airport. Another NY adventure. M

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One Response to NY State Of Mind

  1. Pax Romano says:

    New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town, the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down, the people ride in a hole in the ground…

    Have a great time!

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