Drive. Nothing Else. Nothing.

I get crazywhen people drive and talk on the phone, clearly being more engaged in the call than the traffic. Or eating with two hands on the food and maybe a knee on the wheel. Or texting. Or reading. Or looking for something in the back seat. Or applying make-up.

Or doing their nails.

Driving plus almost anything is an accident waiting to happen.

Or doing their nails.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune;

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s office says it’s looking into criminal charges against a woman who allegedly was painting her fingernails while driving and fatally struck a stopped motorcyclist over the weekend.

Authorities say Anita Zaffke, of the 1500 block of Eddy Lane in Lake Zurich, stopped at the intersection of Route 12 and Old McHenry Road at around 5:45 p.m. Saturday as the traffic light turned from green to yellow.

The driver of a Chevrolet Impala behind Zaffke, Lora Hunt, 48, of Morris, told police “she was painting her nails as she drove and did not see [the motorcycle] until contact was already made,” according to a Lake County Sheriff’s Department incident report.


I do not care how much time you save doing other things in the car. Stop it.

It kills. Maybe not today, but it kills. This woman died leaving a husband and young son behind because somene was painting their nails. Its not right.


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11 Responses to Drive. Nothing Else. Nothing.

  1. Frank says:

    Man, that is so not right. Your essay should be required reading for all driver’s ed students. I hate seeing people doing all those distracting things. Thanks for this.

  2. 48facets says:


    Equally if not more important for the parents of the driver’s ed students.

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  4. Frank says:

    You know, it’s true about the parents. We had a community meeting not long ago where a few people were complaining about the “kids” driving so fast in the neighborhood. Sheryl called them out on it — said it was adults who were doing it mostly. Finally, people agreed, and several of them even conceded that they were the ones doing it. It is the adults…paying attention always matters, and your essay really brought that home. It was the topic of out lunchtime conversation at work today.

  5. 48facets says:

    Thanks for the link at KnowHR. The more people who get it the better. I know that we all think we have things under control when we drive but the penalty for one momentary lapse is so great that I would hope more people would un-multi-task when driving.

    The Chicago Tribune today has an editorial on this subject.

  6. Bill Strahan says:

    Thanks for the public service announcement. I really have nothing to add to what you wrote.

  7. 48facets says:


    I am becoming a big, big fan of having a risk management mind set. I know that it is something you apply to HR. That is what focusing on driving while driving is all about.

    Tha only thing I might add is aking the question, “how would your life change if you killed someone.” That might get the attention of self focused people more than asking how the dead person’s family would feel about you.

  8. HR Minion says:

    That is messed up.

  9. brknhrt says:

    I am so angry over this case. It looks like there will be no further charges agains Lora Hunt.

    Everyone gets distracted while driving at times, but just how vain do you have to be to paint your nails in the car. Her lawyer is actually bragging about how what she did is not against the law.

  10. G. Rueger says:

    If it’s not against the law to paint one’s fingernails while driving then the laws need to be changed!
    You may want to support “Justice For All”

    Even though it’s part of the American Motorcyclist Association, JFA is fighting for the rights of all drivers, two-wheeled, three-wheeled, and four.

  11. Jim Dickson says:

    Help. Either I couldn’t find the Essay, or I read it and am too stupid to realize it. Being a biker (for over 40 years) I, too, am appalled that this driver has not been thrown in jail and held for investigation of voluntary manslaughter (she KNEW her actions could lead to disaster) at most, and vehiclular homicide at the least. In all my cross country trips, I can assure the state of Illinois that I will do all in my control to AVOID Illinois if this is how they treat motorcycle fatalities caused by the sheer negligence of others. Please help on the Essay part, as I would sure like to use it in safety training. Thanks. Jim

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