The Bagel Snack: Sterotypical Old Jewish Florida…And Loving it

The Bagel Snack is a find. Our friends found it while looking for a breakfast place in Ft. Lauderdale. Great breakfast specials with an even more special clientele. Steve and Lana came back after the first time with a story of how they had  humongous breakfast, including a lox plate and spent $13 for the 2 of them. The next day they spent $9 and had to skip lunch they were so full. We had to check this place out.

My wife played tennis in the morning and then we leisurely headed out. That was almost a fatal mistake. Turns out that the breakfast specials were only good until 11 AM and we were strolling in at 11:02. Manny had already rung the bell signifying the end of the breakfast specials. We begged our hostess to let us still order the specials. A waitress rushed over and literally gave us 42 seconds to order. We both had a number 2–two eggs any style, a bagel the size of a small island, coffee or tea and either potatoes or grits. I had scrambled, grits and an egg bagel. Same for my wife except she had the potatoes.

After the rush of ordering we had time to gaze around the room. The people were old (most between 70-90) they were Jewish (beside the fact you can tell, much of the talk was of the upcoming Passover holiday) and they were happy (lots of banter both between patrons as well as with the staff) and as we found out a few minutes later they were well fed. Many people were clearly regulars. Some with canes or walkers. Many getting around on their own power. More power to them.

If you either grew up in a Jewish household or you at least watched Seinfeld, you have some idea of what this place was like.

Our breakfasts came and were overwhelming. We were stuffed for $3.79 each plus tax and tip. We had money left over to pick up Kosher for Passover cake and a box of Matzoh. (The Eighty Year Old who took our money was so dear. She apologized for the price of the Matzoh there relative to a grocery store. She was sincere. It probably cost us an extra 50 cents for the Matzoh after saving $5 on the breakfast.)

 Such a deal.

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3 Responses to The Bagel Snack: Sterotypical Old Jewish Florida…And Loving it

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  2. Frank says:

    Man, I would love to have a breakfast in that place. It sounds absolutely perfect. I love the banter; love the idea of old people eating at breakfast. I even love lox and bagels. Great place…and I want to be you…you guys go to so many warm weather places…[drips with jealousy].

  3. 48facets says:

    I know you have a great breakfast place in Philly. I need to get back there and check it out.
    You too can be warm brother. Only an airplane ride away.

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