Always Be Prepared

I never made it to the Boy Scouts. Cubs Scouting was my limit. I do, however greatly admire the Scout’s motto of “Always Be Prepared”. If I had followed this motto last night you would now be watching a 4 minute video of Celia, the finest belly dancer in South Florida– at least that is how she was billed at Taverna Opa the Greek restaurant we dined at.

In what would have been the video you should now be watching she danced on a table in strobe lighting using a large metallic, silver cloak. The cloak at time looked like angel wings and at other times swirled as she shimmied and twirled. Her hips oscillated, her stomach undulated in inhuman ways and her bosom shook until young boys groaned and grown men cried. And this was a family restaurant. It was not X-Rated it was just WOW!

Earlier in the evening Celia danced with a teenage boy who could barely contain his hormones as he danced. The boy’s father could not contain his own hormones as he handed dollar bills to his son with instructions to stuff them in various parts of Celia’s outfit. Later Celia invited others up on the table to join the shake-a-thon. My wife, who loves to dance came close to jumping on the table. (Just in case you are wondering about me, it NEVER crossed my mind).

So going back to being prepared, I had been caring our little digital camera all day. We originally were going to eat at Charlie’s Crab and I could not imagine that I would need a camera. At the last moment we walked into Taverna Opa instead and that was that.

So you will have to settle for these pics ripped from the restaurant’s website. Pity.






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One Response to Always Be Prepared

  1. Frank says:

    Dude, that’s a pretty great description. And thanks for the extra photo! Opa!

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