Mouse In The House

house_mouse1Mouse In The House would be a cute name for a children’s story. It is less fun and fanciful as reality. Three nights ago one of our cats leaped into our bed at around 3 AM and ran around frantically in circles then jumped off and back on the bed running in more circles. In my barely awake haze I thought this must be like a Lassie adventure and she is trying to tell us that something is wrong with our son or the barn is on fire. No idea.

The next day she hardly moved which is also odd behavior for this one. If she had been acting strange one more day we were going to call the vet.

Then last night at 4:20 AM she is again running around our be like a crazy kitty. As my wife reached to pet her she felt something that was definitely not cat. I flipped on the light to see a small mouse curled up in the middle of our bed. Our Crash was standing over the mouse basically saying, “Here. This is what you needed to see at this ungodly hour of the morning. this is why I have been running all around you on the bed. A gift.”

The mouse was not moving. My wife ran downstairs to get a garbage bag while I watched Crash alternatively stare at and pick up the mouse in her mouth. Yeech. Not knowing if the mouse was dead or maintaining the theatrical heritage of the house (see It’s Showtime! post) and playing possum. I had not desire to chase or be bitten by this creature. I scooped it up, tied the bag closed, ran downstairs and through the thing out the back door. The next morning I tossed the bag in the garbage.

Needless to say that though we now had a calm cat we were wide awake. OK, actually my wife was wide awake. I could have been back to sleep in seconds but she needed to talk. We wipped the blanket that the mouse had been on off the bed at lightning speed and tried to fall asleep after first praising our mouse killer.

Worried that we may be raising a family we had the exterminator over today. He showed us where the rats had been sleeping. In crawl spaces we never opened, in the cabinet under our kitchen sink and even under our oven. Traps and poison were laid. For days Crash had been hanging out near these spots and now we know why. We also have no idea why Cody, our other cat showed no interest in the mice. Cody had on a couple of occasions brought birds to us that she had captured in the back yard. Apparently mice are beneath our huntress kitty.

One last oddity to this story. In all the years we had people come to our home to fix things, none had the pure joy for his job as this exterminator. He was practically singing as he worked. I have to admit I love to see someone enjoying their work but this seemed a bit odd. As odd as waking up in the middle of the night to a Mouse In The House.

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7 Responses to Mouse In The House

  1. alantru says:

    We had a field mouse come in and die. Somewhere in a wall in the cupboard. We tore it apart bt couldn’t find it. (Why can’t they just die in the middle of the kitchen floor?) The smell is unbelievable. We brought in a handy man. He broke out his power tools and tore apart our cupboards. Still, no sign of dead mousey. So now we live with the smell of a rotting mouse somewhere in the cupboard and the knowledge that putrefication and maggots are at hand. We’ve starting buying a lot of airwick. It helps with the smell — but that’s about it.

  2. 48facets says:

    The exterminator saw signs of additional mice and left poison. Now we are worried that we will have dead mice that we won’t know about until the smell kicks in.
    I sure hope we do not have to rip apart the house!

  3. Frank says:

    I’m sorry to have laughed, but that is a great story. Especially the part about petting the mouse. LOL…that sounds like a Lucy and Ricky kind of story…oh, Lucy!

  4. 48facets says:

    It definitely had sitcom written all over it. Of course its funny…now

  5. Pax Romano says:

    Loved that story! You should refine and embellish it, I think it would make a great short story.

    Just don’t forget me when you are awarded your Pulitzer.

  6. 48facets says:


    I had considered a children’s book if I could find an illustrator. Can you draw as well as you make meat loaf?

    A short story is a great idea. Anyone know how to submit one to a magazine. I figure more along the lines of Readers Digest than the New Yorker.

  7. Pax Romano says:

    Sadly, I can only draw conclusions.

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