Inspiring Moment

One moment and I was overcome.

Driving home on Lake Shore Drive listening to an NPR story about a group of women in their 90s (oldest being 96) who will be having their Bat Mitzvahs in a a couple of weeks. Since this is the coming of age ceremony most Jewish girls have at 13 this was to be quite the event.

Listening to 91 year young Flo Wish discuss the happiness she felt. In the 1930s when she and the other women would have had their Bat Mitzvahs, they were not allowed. At that time Jewish women were not treated to the same religious rights as Jewish men.  I was inspired listening to this articulate woman– certainly more articulate than any three 30 year olds– tell her story.

As the story was ending I happened to glance to my right. In general the view was of Lincoln park and people exercising in the above freezing weather. Specifically, just as Flo signed off I noticed a guy running. He was a double amputee running with two metal running “legs”.

I lost my breadth. The convergence of the radio story and this visual overloaded my brain.

We have the ability to do virtually anything we set out to achieve. A divine message directed to me? Who knows. Stay tuned.

91 Year Old Flo Wise

91 Year Old Flo Wise

Oscar Pictorius

Oscar Pictorius

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