Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Friday was a madhouse at work. We had 5 client reports due. Every time I took a call there would be two new messages from clients waiting by the time I hung up. Lots of people were helping. The whole office was busy. The Admin Assistants were working constantly…and getting a bit testy.

At 2 pm I went to the office of one of our young associates (YA) to check on progress for one of my five reports. I had made changes and given feedback an hour ago and had expected to have a final draft to review by then. I had too much going on to be anything but direct. The conversation went like this:

Me: Where is the report? I thought it would be done by now?

YA: I gave it To M (one of the AAs) but she has been busy.

Me: When did you last check on progress? (I could see a hint of fear sweep across his face.)

YA: You want me to check with M? (The look of fear grew more intense.)

Me: Isn’t the client expecting it soon? (I use questions to make the point. The Socratic method.)

YA: (Silence)

Me: Who are you more afraid of, her or me? (More Socratic method)

YA: (More silence as he was clearly trying to figure out the answer to that question.)

Me: Trust me. I can make it so you are much more afraid of me.

YA: So I guess I should check with M?

Me: Good idea. (Conversation ends. Sometimes you need more than the Socratic method to make a point.)

I am not typically a scary person. I am not physically imposing. I do not yell, scream or swear at the people who work for me. I do however become quite annoyed when our client work is not getting done— especially when the person responsible (YA) is not doing his/her job. I suspect, OK I know, my annoyance comes through in my tone of voice.

Maybe to be more effective I should have a little Psycho music playing in the background when I walk in.



The number of feet in a yard.

The number of people in a ménage à trois.

The number of Obama cabinet nominees that had tax problems.

The number of kids born to the lady with octuplets after the first five came out.

The number of degrees when I left the house this morning.

A Cat’s Life

Curl up in a ball and sleep all day. Wake long enough to eat, play for awhile and then go back and find a nice warm place for a nap.

I need 3 days in a row of  La Vida Gato. Right now. Make that 4.

(The black one is Cody and the little cute one below is Crash.)