Missed It By That Much

The voice in my head Wednesday night night was that of Don Adams as Max Smart delivering one of his famous lines.

The Plan. Monday through Wednesday 6 planes, 4 meetings, 4 cities.

Made 5 of 6. Missed it by that much.

Monday. Up early to head to O’Hare. A call and then a flight to NY. Work all day, client dinner. 

Tuesday. Awake at 5:30 est  for6:30 client breakfast. 7 AM start on a  2 hour meeting with a short window to get to Newark for a flight to Orlando. Meeting goes long. Panic. Make the flight. Long plane ride, get to meeting. 2+hour meeting. Go to hotel by airport. Answer emails. Dinner in room. Try unsuccessfully to get boarding passes. Sleep.

Wednesday. Up at 4:30 est. Dress, get boarding passes, security. The plan is 4 planes, 2 meetings and return home at midnight. Second to last plane was delayed due to weather in last city before home. Arrival gate is last gate at E terminal, the last plane is at furthest gate at B terminal. Two most distant points in airport. Run, fast walk. Sweat, a lot. Plane left 8 minutes ago. Missed it by that much.

Hour on phone  with travel agent. Flight next morning confirmed head to fleabag airport hotel (name brand). First room has electrical problem. In second room at 11:30.

Thursday. Up at 5:30 est. Why all this reference to est? Because I live in cst which makes 5:30 am 4:30 am by the time I get home.  I get home.

Sleep for an hour. Get up and work. Would have loved to have made this a 3 day instead of a 4 day trip. But from a work perspective if I had to miss 1 plane this was the one to miss…by that much.

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