Be Careful What You Ask For

Be sure that if you are asking/praying/hoping for something, ask/pray/hope for all you need.

Monday through Wednesday I am on 6 planes through three cities not including one layover city that I pass through twice.  A key part of this trip is getting from an early morning meeting in NY to an 11 am plane at Newark in order to get to Orlando for an afternoon meeting. On to Kingsport, TN the next morning. There is only the one flight that leaves NY late enough and gets to Orlando soon enough. If my NY meeting ends on time I have 45-60 minutes to make the airport. Google Maps estimated 45 minutes but said with traffic it could be an hour and 10. Miss this flight and my entire itinerary gets shot to hell, I would not get to Orlando, I am at the wrong NY airport to get to TN and my tickets to TN all assume that I am in Orlando.

So of course the meeting runs late by 20 minutes. I run to a waiting car. The traffic in Manhatten is stop and go. I start to ask/pray/hope. The whole focus of my request to the powers that be is to get to the airport on time.

Surprising, I make it. That is when I realize the needed to ask for more. I did not ask that the plane leave on time or that I get something other than a middle seat for this 2.5 hour flight. So I got neither.

From now on I am asking/praying/hoping BIG. I want it all.

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One Response to Be Careful What You Ask For

  1. Frank Roche says:

    I’m with you, brother…ask/pray/hope BIG is the way to go. Hope all the connections worked.

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