Technology Workaround

My wife has been home with the flu and it has taken her voice. She had something important for me to know while I was at work so she sends an email. No big deal. Then I get a text asking why I did not reply to her email. Text back, “because it did not show up.

She does it again. Another text. Same reply. She tries my GMail account. still nothing. By now she is not just sick but fuming. I send an email to her hoping that she can just reply to it. Nope.

She is not in the mood and I do not have the time to walk her through various potential fixes. I call. Does the Internet connection work. Yes, she says in that small flu-voice.

OK. Here is what we will do. Go to 48facets and put the email in the form of a comment. Works. Respond. Rerespond. Communication happens. Problem solved.

Later on I am home and I get a text. Not a usual occurrence. It is my wife. She is upstairs. I think in the prehistoric times of my youth we used to use a bell. I kinda like old technology.


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2 Responses to Technology Workaround

  1. Pax Romano says:

    I usually just send my butler with hand written messages for other … whose got time for text messaging.

  2. 48facets says:

    Pax, we had to let the buler go last week. The economy. And he was drinking too much from the wine cellar.

    Fortuanately the falcon we use for long distance messaging feeds on squirrels and other small critters so the operating expenses remain low.

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