Flat On My Back

… is not how I had planned to spend this Sunday. But After doing some mild stretching for the first time in weeks, I was just getting dressed and as I reached for something i felt and heard the “Snap”.

I have had back problems on and off for 20 years. At least 20 years ago I worked for my herniated disk. I had played 90 minutes of squash and had shown up at the gym too late to warm up. I laid down after I got home and when I woke up I could not move. It took three months of physical therapy to get over that one.

I know I should stretch every day or at least every week. Somehow the weeks got away from me. I have no idea how I will survive at work. It hurts to sit, stand or walk. On my back with my knees up is the only position without pain. Even a day on a heating pad did not help.

I am so screwed. And it hurts…in case I forgot to mention that.

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One Response to Flat On My Back

  1. Frank says:

    Wow…I really feel for you. I had a ripped up back this summer…it was really awful.

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