2 A.M. (Part I)

 Part I of a novella about I an hour I rarely visit.

The wee hours of the morning are not my hours. I do not stay up to see them nor wake up that early. Most nights I am asleep by 11—midnight if it is not a “school” night.

So why when on vacation—for me,a time to catch up on sleep not a time to go wild — was I staring 2 am in the face twice in three nights? It all comes down to family.

Night One

I snore—or so I am told. Snorers never see, or hear, the evidence of their crime. At home when this occurs I am punched, shaken or both until I roll over and stop or one of us escapes to the extra bedroom. On vacation I disturb/annoy/cause to keep awake two family members not just one there is no extra room to escape to. We were packed on that night in two “queen” beds that were the size of twins and I was—or so I am told—particularly loud. Fortunately my wife rejected my son’s idea of putting a pillow over my head. (His intent was to muffle the sound not to end it permanently in that One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest way.)

In general I am the flexible one in the family meaning that I will do what is necessary to make things work. It is by no means universally true but I have allowed it to become my role. I am the one most likely to bend, to be the round peg fitting into the square peg so that we can move on. But I digress. ( Frequent readers have likely noticed that I like to digress and follow tangents rather than just tell a story from start to finish. Someday I will blog about my maternal grandmother Kate. As a young adult in my 20s and 30s I would have long conversations with her consisting of her talking for 30 -40 minutes and me saying ye or uh-hu every so often. She would start with a question but rather than wait for an answer she would explore every available tangent to the question and/or possible answer until I would lose track of the original question. But not Kate. She would always end up back where she started. It was an amazing superpower. But I digress further.)

So here it was Sunday night, our second on vacation. We had had a great day but it was turning into a difficult night. I snored loudly and frequently despite being shaken and stirred. After absorbing much whining, all justified, I wordlessly took my book and went out on the terrace where there were two chairs and a light. My unspoken thought was to give them the opportunity to fall asleep. Beyond that I had no plan.

It was 2 am. 2 became 3 and then 4. I experienced the relative quiet of the resort at those hours. I was surprised that even at those hours there would be the occasional clomping sound of someone crossing the wooden bridges that led from the pool area to the rooms.

Sitting out on the balcony over time I became more and more chilled. By 4 am I was downright cold. I went into the room to put on a sweater. To my surprise while my son was fast asleep, my wife was wide awake.. She was worried about me. All that time I thought I sacrificing and it was for naught.

4 AM. Time for sleep.

Until the next 2 AM encounter.

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