You Have Your Toe To Think About

If I only had a dollar for every time I heard someone say those words.

As those words hung in the air I knew I had to contemplate and then write about this unusual collection of letters and words. But what to say?

The back story is rather prosaic if not a bit embarrassing. I occasionally stub my toe. I guess that I do not always pick up my feet when I walk. Over the course of a year this might happen 3-4 times. And yet…

An epidemic occurred while on my vacation, while beach walking. In all at least half a dozen times. On one walk alone it happened 4 times. Same big toe on my left foot. It hurt, though not as much as the blow to my ego when at the third time on this walk the stub was instantaneously followed by a face first fall onto the beach…in front of three startled kids who had been working on a sand castle immediately to the left of where I hit sand. Another toe foot over I would have crushed them and destroyed the castle in one fantastic act of the ridiculously clumsy (I am contemplating starting a club of the RC as we will be called).

While wiping the sand off in the ocean, my mind was overwhelmed with two thoughts. First I could not rid myself of the image of the concerned mother of the children who in an excited voice either came over to see if I was OK or to yell at me for nearly destroying her family. It was hard to tell because she spoke in one of the many languages of the world I do not speak. The second was that I still had half a mile to go while dealing with a sore toe and the desire to remain vertical.

After returning to my lounge chair on the beach and going horizontal by choice, I began debating the merits of the words stubbed and jammed. Stubbing one’s toe conjures images of being clumsy and pathetic while one jams their toe in some act of manly athleticism.

I digress. I told you that the back story was prosaic.

It truly was the words and not what led to them that I find interesting. It must be the uniqueness of the combination. Or the image of toe contemplations similar to the navel contemplations of the 1960s.

All I know is when those words floated across the warm air from my wife’s beach chair to mine I felt that these would be words I would always remember. And probably never hear again.

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2 Responses to You Have Your Toe To Think About

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Sore stubbed toe or not, I feel no sympathy as you were on a tropical beach when said incident occurred, while yours truly is stuck in The Garden State, which, of late, has suddenly become as cold as Siberia.

    That said, “Mind your toe”.

  2. 48facets says:

    Pax, you are one tough guy. No sympathy. When I fell, I was up close and personal with the tropical beach.

    I had troublewriting this post about the phrase and how it stuck me rather than the actual physical event. I just liked the unusualness of this particular turn of a phrase.

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