Bob And Elvis


Two men.

One I have known since second grade (45 years ago), was best man at my wedding, ate ribs at his home when we were kids, shared countless growing up experiences from adolescents to teens to young men to middle age, and even had his dad and my mom spend much of their lives together.

The other  was the King of Rock and Roll. Yes, that Elvis.

I have celebrated the birthday of one of these two every year for decades. The rest of the world has celebrated the other’s. It is talked about in the papers on radio and and TV. (You can guess which is which.)

For some odd reason it only hit me this year that January 8 is the day for both Bob and Elvis–listed in order of importance to me though I am a huge fan of the King of Rock and Roll.

I did not have time to fly to Memphis this year to weep at Elvis’ grave.  I did call all 3 of Bob’s phone numbers and left birthday wishes.

The even stranger twist to all of this is that now I realize that both a close friend and I share birth dates with legends of Rock and Roll. Sir Paul McCartney and I have that connection.

So So belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bob and dead Elvis.

And come June when you hear about Sir Paul, think of me.

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