Caution X 2

If a company puts up warning signs do the powers that be think that they are no longer liable if something happens? There is no other explanation for the two side by side signs on the doors leading from my office to the parking lot.

Caution. Watch For Falling Ice.

Caution. Slippery Pavement.

I do not know about you but I am not talented enough to watch for both falling ice and slippery pavement at the same time.

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2 Responses to Caution X 2

  1. rwolf says:

    You’re assuming too much. You are not being asked to “watch” for both falling ice and slippery pavement at the same time. That would be like tring to keep your chin up and your nose to the grindstone, which, of course, you really couldn’t do unless the grindstone was hanging over your head. In the second warning, you are simply being advised of the presence of slippery pavement – no need to watch for it – it is there. Of course, if you intend to avoid the slippery pavement, then you will have to choose between up or down. Down is clearly the better choice because you have a chance to avoid slippery spots, plus, if you get hit with falling ice, it will be on the top of your head instead of getting an icicle in your face.

    BTW Thanks for the BD wishes.

  2. 48facets says:

    Written like a lawyer. I never know what signs for falling ice do since if it is already falling as you walk out the door, I highly doubt that most of us have the reaction time to move out of the way and if it is not falling then, by having people look up for a moment I would think that this would increase the chance of getting hit.

    Hope it was a good BD even though the Blackhawks didn’t help.

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