I’m Dreaming Of A White…Sand Beach

A white Christmas is guaranteed here in Chicago. Plenty of snow covers the ground. If the temps stay in the 20s like today I won’t mind it too much but Winter has hit with a vengeance here in the Midwest.

Over the last week, starting Tuesday December 16, still officially autumn, we have had 3 major snowstorms and most days the temps have been single digits–some with a minus sign. The first snow came during rush hour and my 45 minute commute took over 3 hours followed immediately by an hour of shoveling snow.

The second storm was accompanied by high winds and single digit temperatures. The storm last night also hit at rush hour but apparently I was one of the few idiots still working. The driving was challenging, where was my dog team and sled when I needed it, but with few cars on the road the commute only took an hour and a half.

It is only December with months of winter to go. Yes I am ready to get away to warm weather and sandy beaches. Something like this.


In the meantime I will settle in my warm house, light Hanukkah candles, and sing Hanukkah and Christmas songs. Here is one of my favorite Christmas ballads.

(BTW. Der Bingle first sang the song White Christmas — written by Irving Berlin, a good Jewish boy– in the movie Holiday Inn not in the copycat movie White Christmas. A common misconception. One story claims Berlin wrote the song in early 1940 while sitting poolside at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. Another says he was in his home in upstate NY. I like the former story better.)

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2 Responses to I’m Dreaming Of A White…Sand Beach

  1. Frank Roche says:

    Happy Hanukkah, brother. And I’m with you about the white beaches…just the other day, Sheryl let on to me that she’d be willing to move to Florida. Or Grand Cayman. No kidding. She said it like that. I was angling for FLA because of the tax advantages for small business; she was going for it because of the warmth. It’s warmer out here in Philly…at least 10 degrees warmer than Chicago on average, which makes all the difference. Still, it’s cold…and I would love to be somewhere warm. Let’s go. The kids will be gone soon…we could hang out on the beach…and kvetch together.

    Cheers to you, D and D. (D&D…I used to love that game.)

  2. Pax Romano says:

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Wow, I would love to see some snow. We’ve been getting several days of sunny icy cold weather, and as soon as it clouds up, the temp goes up to the mid 50’s and we get drenched with rain (the kind of weather makes me sick – gray, windy, miserable).

    That said, a white sandy beach and some tropical temps sounds like tonic for the soul.

    I’ve been dreaming of Palm Springs California .. not that warm this time of year, but sunny and mild, that’ll do.

    And finally, everything you wanted to know about White Christmas:


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