Conan The Silly

One form of humor is the juxtaposition of two things that seem to be fundamentally different. Such as a serious newsman doing something silly.

On the in-flight entertainment of a recent flight, I saw a rerun of a portion of the Conan O’ Brien show. Ted Koppel was the guest and he mentioned that he had been spinning his wedding ring since the time Conan was an NBC page. He challenged Conan to a spin off.

I do not care for Conan O’Brien as a talk show host. The few times I checked out his show I did not find him funny. He can be silly and off beat. Those features can lead to humor but don’t in his case.

I checked out the NBC website and learned that the wedding ring spinning was a periodic bit for Conan. There was a a clip of him doing it but not the one with Koppel. I could not download the clip but you can find it here. It just proves my point of the unfunniness of the man.

When a guy who makes his living being funny spins a wedding ring to kill time because this is the best he can do at the moment, for me there is no humor. However, take Ted Koppel, known for decades as a serious newsman. Have him challenging the unfunny man to a wedding ring spin contest. That was funny. I wish I could show it to you.

Instead enjoy this clip of a young Conan being interviewed by a very young Jon Stewart. Clearly Stewart is the wittier of the two.

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