I Want To Give Away $300 Million

What I mean is that I want the ability to give away $300 million. I think that means that I would have to have substantially more than $300 million, which is what I really want.

David Booth just gave $300 million to the University of Chicago Graduate Business School. Of course the name will now become the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Good for them, though that is not what went through my mind when I first heard this story.

My first reaction was that if I had $300 million to give away BEFORE I died then I must have close to a gazillion dollars to begin with. It is not as if a person will give $300 million away and leave himself a paltry $10 or $50 million. You gotta believe that you would not do that unless you had at least a $billion or two.

I want to be that guy. When I am, feel free to come and ask for some. Just be aware that you may need to have your house, or better yet one of your kids, be renamed.

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