Slave Driver

The latest characterization by my son stemming from the draconian limits I put on his freedom.

Just to be clear, I demanded he come home last night instead of sleeping over at a friend’s house. He only had school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week due to Columbus day and parent-teacher conferences. He did no schoolwork on his off days despite having, in his own words, a lot of homework. I know his soccer schedule and other committments for the weekend. I wanted more homework done sooner than he had in mind.

Therefore treating him like a slave meant that I had no right to tell him to come home Friday night even though he played Wednesday night, played and came home an hour after curfew Thursday, and self directed his time on Friday for all but three hours. He chose to ignore me and came home Saturday morning.

Slave may be a bit more accurate given what I have in mind for him now.

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One Response to Slave Driver

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Sometimes I am glad I don’t have children because I know I’d be saying the same things my folks said to me (and remember when you were young, how you swore to yourself that you’d NEVER treat your kids the way you were being treated?)

    You also should have added a DEVO video. “Crack that whip!”

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