My 14th Wedding Anniversary

…was last week. It got lost among the other stuff in our lives, especially since it fell on Yom Kippur. My wife remembered about an hour into holiday services. Being the Day of Atonement, which requires fasting and praying, celebration was not in the cards for that day. The next day I woke up early for work and my wife left for Italy. The celebration will have to wait.

Just because it got lost does not mean that it should not be properly remembered.

A few facts:

We were both in our thirties when we got married. My age now begins with a 5.

This is the longest either of us has been married (my first, her second)

I have now been married longer than I lived on my own as a single–this thought just struck me a couple of weeks ago. I was single for a looong time.

Our son was her son when we married. He was not yet 4 then and now he leaves us for college next year.


A few thoughts:

 It has not always been easy, at times incredibly hard for each of us, but it has been well worth it. It takes time to find a workable life rhythm and a lifetime to perfect one.

It is getting easier. I am less often expected to read her mind and I learn better to share mine (though she proclaims to all that she learns more about me from reading this blog than from what I tell her. Not altogether false)

My wife sparks stronger passion from me than anyone I have ever known, mostly the good kind, sometimes the loud, yelling kind, but never no feeling at all

We have some growing yet to do as a couple but we have the next 20+ years to work on it

Lastly, but not as an afterthought, I love my wife.

Happy anniversary, Honey.

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One Response to My 14th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Mazel tov, you crazy kids!

    Next February is me and my partner’s 13th, and everything you said (with the exception of the child rearing) is the same for us.

    It’s not easy being with someone for the long haul, but ultimately, I would not have it any other way.

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